Travel Report: Daegu, South Korea



Greetings from South Korea, Daegu, a city of millions of people. This report tells about our, Finnish students' experiences as exchange students in Keimyung University in South Korea. It's written for other students who are also interested in studying here.

Before coming here we thought that if we go away for a whole year, it's better to get as far as we possibly can, not just to any European neighbor country. We don't need to study English in an English speaking country, because classes are in English here also. We have to speak English with everyone anyway because of the lack of Korean language ability.

If you are only interested in know how it is like to live here, read only the FAQ part. When you have something more to ask, send email to katriina.saransaari at or jaakko.mattila at

Updated: 4th May 2004


   Haeinsa buddha temple